Apostle Suleman Reaching Homes in 47 Countries During Covid-19

In time of crisis, people react to fear in different ways. But in uncertain times like these, responsible Christian leaders do painstakingly teach how their followers should respond. When the rest of the world is afraid and somewhat losing hope due to the Coronavirus pandemic challenge, one man that stands out among his peers is Apostle Johnson Suleman, the Senior Pastor at the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide. Suleman, through virtual preaching, has been reaching millions of homes across the world bringing the life and love of God to a sick and dying world.

Significantly, Apostle Suleman seems to be ahead of others in the use of technology, now and before the Covid-19 trial, for he has continually demonstrated spiritual sanity and sympathy, through his delivery on the pulpit. The firebrand preacher, in this challenging era, as observed via his ministry’s social media platforms, still offers best practices for speaking and preaching, as he maintains and even transforms his usual styles of communicating with his audience.

There is no country where the people have never heard of Jesus and the gospel of Christianity, but it has been observed that there are some. Men of God like Apostle Suleman have succeeded in making the former a reality. The present challenge, however, is to force a change so that huge numbers of unreached homes will not go into eternity without ever having heard of the Gospel.

Since the pandemic, Apostle Suleman has, through the OFM internet television service, Celebration TV, and its other virtual platforms, reached millions of homes and spreading faith and spirituality conveniently in 47 nations of the world. They include; Australia, Botswana, Belgium, Austria, Benin Republic, Cote D’Ivoire, Canada, Cambodia, Cameroun, Burkina Faso, Finland, France, England, Egypt, Dubai, Gabon, India, Holland, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Greece, Ghana, Germany, Gambia, Italy, Ireland, Lesotho, Malawi, Liberia, Malaysia, Kenya, Malta, Sweden, Spain, Swaziland, Scotland, Sierra Leone, Switzerland, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Turkey, Tanzania, Togo, USA, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Covid-19 pandemic, Suleman’s lecture suggests, is being used by the Devil to erode faith. And as general feeling of uncertainty abounds, and anxiety gets on the rise, it is becoming clear that the world has turned to a playground for the Devil in his main task: The destruction of faith in Jesus Christ.

“This is where God comes in,” stated the ‘Oracle of God’ in one of his virtual sermons. Continuing, Suleman said; “the promise of the Gospel is one that is unchanging, and it has the potential to shine especially brightly in the contrast available to it right now. Certainly, the noise will be stopped, and the voice of Christ will be heard even more clearly afterwards. There is something immovable. There is someone whose promise remains unaffected.”

Apostle Suleman says his primary assignment is to ensure that the people find their lives in his sermon, and to teach people that even and especially in crisis like this, Jesus is their solid rock.

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