*berates Jude Idimogu, ‘I went to bring him into APC’

The Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos on Drainage and Water Resources, Joe Igbokwe has fired back at the recent happening within the APC in Lagos especially as it relates to Igbos in the governing party. The politician who spoke on the sidelines of the celebration of the 2nd year anniversary of the President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Solomon Aguene said: ‘It does not exist. What is apex leader? Nothing.’

‘What is apex leader? I belong to APC. I don’t want to talk about such positions. Can it be bigger than the SA on drainage and water resources in a coastal city?’

‘There is nothing you can do in politics in APC in Lagos if you don’t see me. By the grace of God, I am the face of Ndigbos in APC in Lagos. If anybody tells you anything else don’t believe it because I have been there for a while. If you want to play the role, go and line up for your turn.’

He displayed his political resume, ‘I have been in Lagos since 1985 and serving the 4th governor of Lagos. I was the pioneer GM of LASIMRA. After serving there for close to 12 years, I moved to Apapa to be the pioneer Chairman of Wharf Landing Authority and I was there for 4 years before I moved over to become SA to the Governor. So I have seen it all. I was elected publicity secretary of our party for 13 years. So my hands are full.’

On the Honorable member of the Lagos House of Assembly, Hon. Jude Idimogu, Mr. Igbokwe remarked: ‘I went to bring him into APC before 2019 elections. He went to Lagos House of Assembly as a PDP member in 2015. In 2019, we noticed that if he still remain a PDP member he may not make it. So I was the one who went to bring him in. Now he is saying he is the only elected person in Lagos. What happened to my 13 years as publicity secretary in APC Lagos, was I not elected? It is laughable, unbelievable, shows mediocrity, shame and lack of understanding. I used my resources, capacity and my sweat to encourage them.’

Taking the example of the Yorubas, he advised Igbos in Lagos on the need to cooperate for their progress, ‘We will continue to make our people build bridges. Abiola won elections, he was killed, his wife was killed, over 5000 died. I wrote Heroes of Democracy. At the time, many Yoruba leaders were exiled or in detention. Shortly after that, Southwest formed a alliance with the North, are they political fools. They said let’s make sacrifice even though it was Obasanjo that got it. It was not him they presented and they didn’t vote for him in the region. He was forced on them but they accepted.’

‘The point I am making is the same Southwest formed another alliance to bring us APC. They were not sulking or crying of marginalization. They worked out issues. Today, Osinbajo is Vice President, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Don’t stay in your little corner thinking someone will beg you, leave your comfort zone and build alliance in other parts of the country. Stop hate speech and stop abusing people. The people you abuse today may be your friends tomorrow’, he concluded

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