Popular Lagos Female Politician, Fatee Muhammed, Weds *”how I found love”

Lagos celebrity politician, Hon. Fateema Mohammed, has announced her wedding engagement to her heartthrob.

The astute politician who is a member of the Ifako-Ijaiye constituency in Lagos State is the Convener/Founder of Fateema Mohammed Foundation.

Also eyeing the House of Representatives come 2023, 

Honourable Fateema is a graduate of Microbiology from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria,

She got married on the occasion of her 48th birthday.

An excited bride took to Instagram and wrote her ordeal as a single girl who is in the public eye:

“Happy Birthday and Happy Married Life to me!

Who is He that has said when God has not said? #FateeOlu2020

Today, I give all the glory to God as I take the vows with my love, my best friend, the one who has made all other relationships fail! The reason every other entanglement could not work, God knew I deserved better, and for every mistake I made, HE told me to calm down.

Over the years, I have been the object of mockery by enemies and even some I called friends… I was mocked repeatedly for wanting a crown over my head, I have always been a woman who loves love…Even as God made me self sufficient, I did not see myself as a super woman who needed no man!

I was mocked for the roads that I walked and for every stumble and every fall… They laughed at my tears and pretended to be friends but God saw it all.

I was weary at some point and almost gave up on God’s promise to crown me not just with a man but with the man who totally completes me… And with every weary sigh, God gave me an assuring smile!

Today, I am not just celebrating my 48th birthday but also I am celebrating my walk into matrimony with the man chosen by God. A friend of God and a friend of my heart.

Many know my journey yet mock it, many do not, still they mock it…

I have been at the receiving end of jabs and insults especially since I started my Tedtalks on relationships… I heard them say “Who made her an authority on marriage matters when she is not married herself”

Many times I got angry, other times I laughed at the folly of their thoughts and mentality…

Today, God has shut them up as HE crowns me. My shame has turned to fame and my story has turned to glory.”

He has turned the tears to pearls and the mockers have no choice but to rejoice with me!

Double portion of glory friends, It is my 48th Birthday and wedding ceremony! Who is He that has said, when God has not said!

Let me be the very first to wish myself a happy married life!!! Feel free to call me Mrs O”

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