Bank like a hero with the Stanbic IBTC Super App “Voice Banking” feature

Who would have imagined the possibilities of directly speaking to your phone to carry out banking transactions or a situation where phone numbers will be used as account numbers?

Through constant innovation and reinvention, customer-centric financial institution, Stanbic IBTC continues to use digitisation to simplify banking and transform the customer experience.

Just recently, the organisation ushered customers into a world of endless possibilities with an upgraded mobile app, tagged “Super App”. Talk about banking with convenience, speed, simplicity, versatility, improvements and you would be perfectly describing the Stanbic IBTC newly upgraded Super App.

The integration of an automated voice banking service on the unique and superlative “Super App” allows customers to bank as quickly as they speak. Basic transactions can be performed by speaking directly to your mobile phone with the help of a ‘voice and tap’ personalised assistant available on the App.

Using speech recognition to make operations easier and faster, the voice control feature allows customers to multitask while the voice search feature improves the ability to easily find information on the App. By Clever Advertising×712&landing=1&hei=250px&mode=banner&ts=8.257

The “Super App,” best described to function as a “machine” includes My Bank and @easewallet features that both account holders and non-account holders of Stanbic IBTC can use to transfer funds.

The My Bank module of the Super App makes it possible to transfer funds to a single as well as multiple beneficiaries. My Bank erases the need for middlemen and agents when customers need to pay for PAYE, withholding tax and other utilities such as cable TV subscription and electricity bills.

You can also use My Bank on the Stanbic IBTC Super App to get airtime top-up, make cardless withdrawals from an ATM, schedule payments and load a prepaid card.

The special ‘Hide Account Balance’ feature on My Bank allows customers to hide their account balance, especially when in public or insecure environments.

Similarly, the Super App contains the @easewallet feature which guarantees fast, versatile and secure financial transactions. @easewallet is an electronic wallet that allows customers to generate paycode to seamlessly withdraw cash from their accounts using an ATM or from any agent without a credit or debit card. This paycode can be securely and conveniently generated using the customer’s registered phone number.

The @easewallet feature on the Stanbic IBTC Super App also allows customers to make fund transfers, pay bills, purchase airtime, activate @easewallet card and open account for others. To use this amazing feature, customers need the last ten digits of their phone number without the first zero as the account number, allowing them to personalise and easily recall it when required.

Apart from the customer’s profile being linked to the mobile device used during sign-up to ensure maximum security, the @easewallet is also protected by a four-digit secret pin which is needed to log-in and authenticate all transactions on the App.

To further secure your account, the ‘self-onboarding’ capabilities on the Stanbic IBTC Super App only grants full access into the App using a debit card details and partial access when only the account number is used.

To experience the Stanbic IBTC Super App, download on Google Play store for Android phones and App Store for iOS phones or from the Stanbic IBTC website. Existing Stanbic IBTC customers with their internet banking login credentials can register with the same on the Super App while non-internet banking users can use their debit card details to register.

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The Stanbic IBTC newly upgraded mobile app is indeed SUPER

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