Kabirah Kafidipe Returns With A Classic, As ‘A Date With Asmau’ Premiers in Lagos

The Nigerian movie scene has seen another masterpiece from one of Nollywood’s culture-centric actress, director and producer, Kabirah Kafidipe, as her latest work “A date with Asmau”, premiered on 11th of October in Lagos at Ostra Halls and Hotel, Ikeja.

The talented actress remarkably made a return to Nollywood with the faith themed movie which centres around polygamy in Muslim homes and stands to propagate the act of consciousness in Islam. 

The actress who rose to stardom with her role as Araparegangan in the famous Yoruba classic, Saworo-Ide by Tunde Kelani, a political satire movie about Governance in Nigeria, has written and featured in a number of movies after her first-ever appearance in a short film titled “The White Handkerchief” also produced by Tunde Kelani of Mainframe productions.

The movie, a twist of faith, self and fate, tells the story of Asmau (Kabirah Kafidipe), a presenter of an Islamic programme on TV, in her early 30s who runs an NGO that supports women and children welfare. She is respected for her tenacity, kindness and truthfulness.but is faced with a lot of challenges and insecurities later in life, including the one associated with her marriage to Abdul Wahab (Ibrahim Chatta),  until her fears become a reality.

“A date with Asmau” shot in Lagos Nigeria features prolific Nigerian actor, singer, writer, and producer, Ibrahim Chatta, together with Afeez Oyetoro, Nigerian actor popularly known as Saka. 

The movie according to Kabirah “will trigger a lot of emotions, create a better understanding of Islam on some issues especially marriage, polygamy, family, among others and put them in the right context as against the stereotypes peddled in the society which in most cases have no basis in Islam” she further stated that the movie promises to be entertaining to viewers as well. 

“It has always been my goal to do what I know how to do best; acting,  but as a conscious Muslim that I am, I had to think of ways that I can make my voice heard in the most appropriate manner” She also certifies that ‘A Date with Asmau’ is one of many more to come. 

Aisha Adams of Siddiqah foundation who makes her debut with a role in the movie described her experience as exhilarating and eye-opening. She urges Nigerians to look forward to an educational and entertaining film. 

The premier housed a special feature of Round Table Series which featured prominent personalities in Islam such as Amir, 1Ummah Convention, Sheikh Abubakar Muhammad; Life Coach, Sheikh Abdul Fatah Adeyemi, Mufutau Adebowale and many others who uniquely projected a conversation around Islam and Entertainment in today’s generation. The movie also stars notable Muslim personalities like Ni’mah Akashat of the Your View programme on TVC, Aminat Adams, amongst many others.

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