5 Reasons Why The New Sprite Clear Bottle Is More Than A Pretty Bottle

Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited just announced that its Sprite bottles will switch from the iconic green plastic packaging to clear plastic packaging. Basically, do not be alarmed when you see your favorite drink rocking a new look.

This makeover was inspired by the company’s mission to reduce its carbon footprint across the country. In simple terms, these bottles are way easier to recycle and if we are being honest, clear is way better. Sprite is anyway!

Here are 5 reasons we totally agree with the company’s decision to give Sprite a new look;

1. A World Without Waste

If you have not heard of this before, let this sink in.

The new clear Sprite bottle serves as a reminder of Coca-Cola’s commitment to building a World Without Waste. To achieve this, the company plans to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle it sells by 2030, reaching a 100% collection and recycling rate of all its packaging. The vision also includes ensuring all packaging is 100% recyclable by 2025 and that all its packaging is made with an average of 50% recycled content.

2.  Easily Recyclable and Eco-friendly

Before you get your hearts in your mouth, the old Sprite bottles are also recyclable, but the process is much harder. Interestingly, they may seem prettier in green but they have much more limited use compared to clear plastics.

You may not realise it just yet but the clear plastic packaging ensures that the new Sprite Clear bottles are easier to recycle. This development not only benefits you and our immediate environment but also poses material benefits for informal waste reclaimers due to the higher valuation placed on clear plastics. It is totally a ripple effect and a positive one.

3. DIY Trend

DIY is the new Trend and the new Sprite Clear Bottle is calling everyone to jump on it.  Think about this for a minute, nobody seems to be buying anything anymore when you can just make some of the things you want using the Sprite Clear bottle you bought an hour ago. It is affordable and easy to recycle.

Apparently, you can make a whole lot of fun stuff with the Sprite Bottle, from planters to organizers, a lamp, a huge chandelier, a roof and you won’t believe this, a canoe! Now, we are not sure how safe a canoe is but we advise you to start small, get on the trend and make money selling them or teaching them!  Don’t worry, we will send an invoice for commissions.

4. #BeTransparent

The new Sprite Clear Bottle is not just another launch in 2020. It reinforces the brand’s goal to be transparent in all its activities. Most importantly, the launch strongly promotes the “Transparent” lifestyle where people begin to feel safe enough to open up, express themselves freely, no holds barred. #BeTransparent challenges you to have an unrestricted belief in your self-confidence.

5. Clear is Pretty

Well, the list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t say the obvious – the new Sprite Look is definitely pretty. It includes a see-through bottle, refreshed icon of the brand’s bold and iconic Sprite ‘spark’ with a distinct label and bright green cover. Other benefits are just a plus.

For lovers of Sprite, the iconic green bottles you are used to, will remain on the shelves during the transition period from November to December 2020 after which, we will enjoy the benefits of the new Sprite with its see-through bottle.

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