Photo News:RadlerMoments: Five Things We Totally Love About The Star Radler Tour

When was the last time you took a break to unwind and feel refreshed?

As the year finally comes to a much-awaited end, Star Radler will be visiting some offices this week to have some fun and share refreshing moments with its recently relaunched look and new flavour. Accompanied by your favs, Erica Nlewedim and Eloozonam, the brand is definitely bringing some of these exciting moments to you.

Here’s why you should follow the tour :

Twice the Refreshment

Erica, Elozonam and Star Radler, will be visiting several offices, across Lagos, encouraging consumers to have fun, while sharing Radler Moments. With its recently relaunched new look and new variant, Red Fruit, everyone will definitely experience twice the refreshment and catch some good vibes. Add some finger foods to the mix, and you can never go wrong.

The Instagrammable Background

Remember how we talked about taking a little vacay right there in your office? Well, this beautiful instagrammable background and swing brings you the Greecian experience and with the new Star Radler ‘Red Fruit’ variant, do not miss the opportunity to capture an insta-worthy moment when the tour comes to you.

Radler Moments

The fun thing about the tour is that it goes beyond physical activities, so do not worry if Star Radler does not make it to your office, share your exciting moments with a can or bottle of Star Radler using the hashtag – #RadlerMoments, and they just might find you.

Elozonam sharing some Radler Moments with Hip TV Founder, Ayo Animashaun

Also look out for other fun activities that will be announced on the Star Radler’s social media pages.

The Celebrities

Even though we mentioned it, permit us to mention it again!

The Radler Moments tour has your favorite celebrities on it, Erica Nlewedim and Elozonam Ogbolu. Cool right?

With Erica bringing the calm vibes, fun and all forms of playfulness, Elozonam definitely brought the adventure,and fun cruise to the tour, people got to take pictures with them, ask them any fun questions you’ve got, experience the taste of both Star Radler flavours, and discover each other’s favorites.

So there you have it. Join the experience, hop on the tour and share your Radler Moments on social media, using the hashtag #RadlerMomentsTour. Who knows, the brand may have something special planned for you.

See more photos below:

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