That Nigerians are tired of eating junk food following the ban on importation of rice and other foreign foods into Nigeria by the Federal Government is indeed a big issue that urgently needs to be addressed.
This is because some of the locally made foods are also unhealthy for human consumption due to things like stone and others found in the foods.
However, there is a new foods processing company that believes Nigerians deserve the best food consumption, and that’s  Jokol Foods Industry Nigeria Limited, owners of Success Foods, a company that produces quality local foods such as Rice, Yam Flour, Whole Wheat, Garri, Vegetable Oil, Soya Beans Oil, PK Oil, Kuli kuli,Tuwovita, Semovita, Poundo Yam,  and other assorted locally made foods.

CEO Jokol Foods, Mr Oluwaseyi Joseph Kolawole.

The company is owned by a Lagos based businessman, Mr Oluwaseyi Joseph Kolawole. He has over 40 workers at his factory.
Jokol Foods Industrial Limited factory is located at School Gate, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.
According to the information at our disposal, Jokol Foods began operations fully in 2016 when President Mohammad Buhari stopped the importation of foreign rice.
Then, both imported and locally made Rice became very expensive and the management of Jokol Foods decided to kick off operation so as to produce the best rice in Nigeria that will be sold at affordable prices per bag.
Jokol has its farm spread across major parts of Nigeria, e.g Ogun, Kaduna, Ondo and other States where they plant their crops for natural production of foods without adding chemical.
Through their tenacity and quality products, in recent times, Jokol Foods is gradually becoming a big brand to reckon with in Nigeria.
The reason Nigerians are now going for Jokol Food Products is that, it is specially made for the consumption of every Nigerian, either rich or poor.
It is vefy affordable as a bag of Success Rice is sold for N19,500 and those who have eaten it testify that there is no single stone in the rice when eating it.
This, they are able to achieve because, before going into the productions fully, the management of the company already acquired from China a Distoner Machine, Hauler Machine and Polish Machine to enable the best production before releasing it to market for consumption.
Another product of Jokol Foods that is selling faster in the market is called Success Oil and this is because it is a low cholesterol oil. All the products from Jokol Foods are NAFDAC approved. Research shows that Nigerians are going for Jokol Food products simply because they are naturally made, the Success Semolina with its NAFDAC number  086759 is whiter and has more vitamins and nutrients than any other semovita brand in Nigeria.
Jokol  Food has its distributors all over Nigeria and the brand is gradually taking the lead in the list of food producing companies in Nigeria.
Early this month, Jokol Foods endorsed three popular Nollywood stars, Alex Usifo, Wale Akorede Okunu and Tamilore Ojo Martins as its brand ambassadors.