How Lagos NURTW Chairman MC Oluomo Is Creating New Millionaires Among Friends, Associates & Well Wishers

The transport chief who grew through the ranks is not keeping the spoils to himself

MC Oluomo Musiliu Akinsanya

“He is not eating alone,” a source said about Musiliu Akinsanya, the Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Lagos State.

MC Oluomo as Akinsanya is better-known controls the chapter of the NURTW which yields billions of naira in annual returns.

Emerging details, however, revealed that the transport chief who grew through the ranks is not keeping the spoils to himself and a selected few as was the practice with past administrators.

MC Oluomo who became the Lagos state NURTW chairman in September 2019 after a fierce and prolonged battle with his predecessor, Tajudeen Agbede is sharing the gains of the high yield association with friends, associates, and well-wishers.

“He has split many of the branches into two or more and empowered more people with this move” learned.

With most trusted ally, Seego

“The implication of this is that a place where you have branch chairman, secretary, treasurer, and other executives, as well as units executives and it, is split into two or more. It is the number of these executives multiplied by the new branches that have been empowered” a source explained.

NURTW Branch chairmen in Lagos state are regarded as millionaires based on the returns that accrue to the office through formal and informal toll collections.

Insiders insist that the strategy behind the splitting of branches by the NURTW chairman is to “create more people” that can cater to the needs of the dependants of the transport union and spread social security in their areas by helping the needy in their communities.

“He always tells them Eni lati toju awon eyan yin, E to ju awon enyan (You have to take care of your people, take care of the people).

Ebonymediagist gathered that MC Oluomo who is a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is using the same style in administering associations of Okada (Commercial motorcycle) riders and Marwa (Commercial Tricycle) operators working under the cover of the NURTW in Lagos state.

“He has split their zones into four with more people empowered. The Tricycle operators now have people with street names such as Pappy kamoli, Shamelon, Istijabah, Gaaji as their zonal heads” learned.

Gaaji used to work with the musical band of King of Fuji Music Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe better known as Kwam 1.

“Gaaji is now a big boy” a source stated.

Big boy is the term used for someone that has extra cash to spend on wants without batting an eyelid.

The added information that is available to revealed that, even, well-wishers are not left out of the spread of wealth by MC Oluomo who has Oshodi as his stronghold.

“There are some people that loiter around parties and always seeking help. He identified some of them and put them on the weekly payroll of some branch chairmen. That’s some ten to fifteen thousand Naira for those people” Ebonymediagist learned.

Further investigation revealed that MC Oluomo had always been like that, watching out for others.

“He always spreads the benefits of his position to others right from when he was unit chairman and later branch chairman in Oshodi. Lots of people became Alhaji and Alhaja and Justice of Peace in Oshodi through his generosity, especially elderly people who have never stepped the Airport. And many needy are on his payroll as well and he does not discriminate by tribe or religion. There are many people who are vehicle and business owners because of his generosity ” Ebonymediagist learned.

“Started with borehole for the Onola community followed by two presentation of cars and SUV’s to associates and subordinates last and this year.” a source gave testimony of some of the other things MC Oluomo has done since he became NURTW chairman

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