Forget the old cliché of the young girl with a sugar daddy. Rather, it seems an increasing number of millennial men are the ones looking for women to scam. This is the story of a self-acclaimed royal father who builds marital relationships with younger women purely to extract money from them,


Chief Adetokunbo Tejuosho, Olu of Orile Kemta, Ogun State, is again enmeshed in a romance scam after the April, 2021 scandal which led him being disowned by Kemta Traditional Council of Chiefs. He is in the news again for yet similar case of misplaced priority.


His serial emotional scheming made headlines when his former Olori dragged him like a tiger generator for scamming her and several other ladies, an accusation that he is yet to put up a defence against, even though he was on Facebook live to protect the estranged olori of being manipulated against him.


The chief has been entangled in another UK based Nigerian woman, Adunni Remi Olawole, a 49yrs old woman who took up the queenship duties, barely 2 weeks after they met physically is a mother of 4 kids from 4 different fathers.


Our source revealed that the hurriedly live-in pseudo-marital status was based on the assurance that they will tie the knot in a matter of weeks before Adunni’s return to the UK.

Chief Adetokunbo’s hopes were, however dashed when the he realized Adunni is not as rich and wealthy as he had envisaged and thus organized fake marriage rites in the palace with none of his family members in attendance.


An emotionally aggrieved Adunni hinted her close allies on how she met a near-empty palace and house at the time of the shabby marriage, and decided to give it a befitting interior and upholstery decoration as would be fit for royalty since she addresses herself as Olori Okikiola on her whatsapp status. With the assistance of her abroad based boyfriend, she replaced all household equipments the ex-wife took away.

Adunni’s desperation to pass for a substantive Olori pushed her to canvass for the community validation, as she is hell-bent on transforming the village with grants from her boyfriend.


With the funding from her foreign lover, she confided in her friend to have given free medical health care to the villagers through her Adeayomi Charity Foundation and also successfully materialised a borehole project to cover Adetokunbo’s shame, who had failed on all fronts after promising to provide Orile-Kemta with portable water single handily.


Despite all her effort, it seems the king is yet to be impressed. She confided in a close friend about her unhappy situation and mentioned that the Oba Adetokunbo monitors her with his driver and trumpeter.

She also expressed her doubt in the marriage as only his chiefs attended the traditional marriage rites which was done at the market square in the night with none of his family members was in attendance. She said she had asked him severally to take her to his mom, but he keeps saying she should be patient. The fact that she is yet to conceive an heir for the king troubles her more.

Another source who verified the news from Orile Kemta condemned the attitude of the king for his over-reliance on women in running the affairs of the town.


“If a king can rely on women, then he is not fit to be addressed as one, or even speak in the midst of able men”, the source said.


Adunni who has since returned to London was devastated and thus confided in one of her close allies that the king is sexually inactive, and getting pregnant by him may be very difficult. She however left behind red color old model Lexus car, bought upon her arrival in August for Chief Adetokunbo as he doesn’t have a vehicle to convey him around.

The latest gist, however, holds that, Oba Adetokunbo is planning to reunite with his old Olori after milking Adunni dry.

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