Ogechukwu Elumelu’s Stellar Performance Thrills Father

If Tony Elumelu, the head honcho of Heirs Holding, were to pen down a memoir on his sojourn in life, apart from being a successful businessman, one of the highlights would definitely be having a beautiful and highly cerebral daughter like Tamara-Marie Ogechukwu Elumelu. Tony has taken his time to nurture his female children to be respectful, outspoken, smart, cosmopolitan, fearless, and of all prayerful. In spite of his extremely tight schedules and travel itinerary/globetrotting around the world, he always creates time out of no time to play his fatherly role.


On several occasions during holidays, he has always invited his first daughter to resume office with him as an intern to learn the rudiments of finance and economics after she graduated from St. Catherine Bramley School, UK. While many feel she was too young to comprehend the ABC of the corporate world, Tony was busy mentoring his daughter young so as to assume a leadership position at a tender age shattering the archetypal notion built around the girl-child. Like the proverbial Apple that does not fall far from its tree; Ogechukwu is making his dad a proud father with smiles on his face as she displays wizardry, uncommon brilliancy, witty and oratory prowess to the amazement of many.


At the just-concluded Generation Unlimited Sahel, a project launched by the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, Ms. Amina Mohamed to mark the beginning of a new and improved way of working with Sahelian youth, driven by the Tony Elumelu Foundation and other partners, The Co-founder of LES talk Africa was the Co-host and Tony Elumelu was a Keynote speaker. It was a heartwarming father-daughter moment when she introduced her father and also highlighted some important facts challenging young people in achieving their set goals and offered possible solutions to expunge them from possible issues militating against their growth.


Ogechukwu recently got admitted into the London Business School, where she would be bagging a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, a discipline that has been her choice of career path, following the footsteps of her father

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