…Gospel Act Sinach, Gabriel Peters and others thrills faithful with Worship Songs.
…God is in town as revival begins, anything is Possible- Dr Chris Okafor.
…I see Gods Presences in the Life of Dr Chris Okafor-Bishop Bloomer.
It was an awesome beginning of Blessing and testimonies at the much talked about in town Prophetic conference, the “12 days of Glory” at Grace Nation international aka Liberation city in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.
Holy ghost fire came down live as God servant Bishop George Bloomer minister the word raw into the Live of the People, it was a Tsunami eruption as He preaches the word of God, which he titled “Important of Communication” I,e speaking in an uncommon Language.
The American prophetic war fare preacher emphasized that the 12 Days of Glory represent days when God will releases, Power, finances, good health and cancel so many debt owed by People, he said in the life of many this conference will be there turning point in as much as they partake in the conference to communicate with the Holy Ghost, he said as the revival starts, it indicates that God is in town, and when God is in town there shall be testimonies to the glory of God.
When I was received by my Host brother, Dr Chris okafor, at the airport on my arrival, I saw a very old man sitting inside this young man, he is truly a man of God with evidential calling by God, Bishop George Bloomer remarks.
Highlight of the first day of the 12 days of Glory witness wonderful performance by Nigeria famous Gospel Act Sinach, she sang into the delight of faithful while Gabriel Peter of Liberation Voice did what he knows how to do best with his Gospel lyric.
This is just a little of the iceberg, Thursday conference is another good time with God, God is in Town and anything can happen, come with your love one, bring the sick and whatever you heart desires is, the revival has begun, the Raw Power of God is available to turn anything around Dr Chris Okafor advised.
The Prophetic conference continue of Thursday by 7am, while on Friday will be international night of Prophesy.