MAGGI Cooking Show ‘O Ta Lenu!’ Moves to South West

Nestlé Nigeria’s Maggi cooking show is sizzling in the South West of Nigeria.
‘O Ta Lenu’, the third in the series of Maggi cooking shows retains the same MasterChef style which MAGGI introduced as ‘Muna Kwarya’ in Northern Nigeria and ‘O setigo’ in Southern Nigeria last year.
O Ta Lenu aims to encourage young Nigerians to explore exciting ways of cooking and enjoying the best of regional dishes they love.  In addition to offering mouth-watering excitement as contestants display their culinary skills over 6 weeks, there is a N1 million grand prize to be won by the best culinary hand in the contest.
There will also be many other mouthwatering MAGGI prizes for the other contestants. Now in the 4th week, the cooking show  brings together 12 contestants from Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo and Kwara States who are competing in  the 11 episodes running over six weeks.
 O Ta Lenu, which is airing on selected TV stations and on the MAGGI YouTube channel is hosted by popular Nigerian star, Oluwabukunmi Oyebisi Adeaga-Ilori a.k.a. KieKie.  MAGGI is happy to also have Tobi Fletcher a.k.a. Ofada boy, Nollywood star, Lateef Adedimeji and actress, model and television host Kehinde Bankole as judges on the show.
The contest consists of an elimination phase where two contestants are evicted weekly and a final phase where the top 3 contestants will battle it out in the kitchen for the grand prize. You don’t want to miss the action!
O Ta  Lenu highlight s the rich West Nigeria  as  well  as culinary  dexterity  of the people of South provide healthy  lifestyles.
Consumers with  tips for  maintaining Maggi has over the years provided  platforms to showcase the rich  food  culture  of Nigeria they  offer. , and  the sumptuous Be a  part  of this  culinary  experience by  tunning  to Trace nourishment TV, Orisun, MiTV, Galaxy  TV , NTA  Akure  on  Saturdays  and  Sundays to  watch exciting episodes of the show. Channel.

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