Crying call to Professor Obiozor about the crises swelling up in Ebonyi

The President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Lagos State chapter, High Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene has raised the alarm over the crises that are swelling up in Ebonyi State.In a direct message to all the leaders in Ebonyi, High Chief Ogbonna called for a rethink of attitudes and behavioural pattern which have led to unnecessary black mail, killings and destructions.

His message reads:

Ebonyi is one of the youngest States in Nigeria. The State has potential. On sincerity, Ebonyi people are mostly honest. Ebonyi men and women are not greedy.

They are satisfied with what they have. That is the reason Anambra people go to Ebonyi State to seek servants because they are convinced that Ebonyi people are honest, patient including respect for elders and masters.
Also, Ebonyi people don’t feel inferior in building their foundation in life, no matter how small, as far as it is legitimate and not to hurt anyone in pursuing money.
That is the reason you see them on the streets, hawking anything which serves as their foundation to attain greater things in life.

But today, Ebonyi are enemies to themselves.
We have forgotten the life of Alkanu Ibian, the founder of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.
We have forgotten that people see Ebonyi men and women as one way traffic in honesty.
Why can’t we look at these points and many others that cannot be mentioned here?
Why are we enemies and instrument of destroying ourselves? Is it because of hunger? We wait to know.
For example, in Ohanaeze in which I am the President, they must get Ebonyi person before they attack and black mail me.
Are we jobless? Are we so cheap?
Ebonyi which is one of the fastest developing States in Nigeria is gradually turning into the headquarters of catastrophe.
Our governor, His Excellency, Dave Umahi, has done so well. If there are areas he is not doing well, those who are close to him can call him to a round table and discuss. He is still our number one and we must respect that.
It is because of blackmailing which they used same Ebonyi people that I have not gotten any favour from him.
But one thing I know is that the disappointment that comes from a man is a testimony to me because if man is God, I am not sure anyone will live except that man and his family.
So, nothing to worry about because God remains the ultimate in life. I am a physical leader with grace of God and wisdom. So, we must respect our leaders. Nature and time prove anyone right or wrong in his doing.
Don’t we have leaders?
The first education minister in Nigeria is from Ebonyi State, Chief Aja Nwachukwu.
Why are we lagging behind in unity and love?
Why are we so jealous. Why can’t we help ourselves?
We have won the medal of using hate as an instrument to destroy ourselves .
Ebonyi people, traditional rulers, Ndi Eze, politicians, clergy, please come to a round table and put an end to these unnecessary blackmail that retard progress.
Leadership is physical and not practical.
God has blessed us so much that we always make the difference anywhere we have the opportunity to govern.
No Ebonyi man can count 50 stakeholders as confirmed bosom friends as an Ebonyi indigene. It is a shame.
We are the smallest but claim to be classy than others. In Ebonyi State, you can run 50 kilometres without seeing a building.
How many are we that we are killing ourselves for power? What is our population?
We are not killing by the way those shrewd business men are killing for dubiousness. But we are killing ourselves, especially the innocent people, either by mouth, by poison or physical killings using different weapons.
Please, I am begging Ebonyi leaders to know that the best legacy is peace after office.
Today, in Lagos State, all the good people of Ndigbo have given me the award of the best president of Ohanaeze ever produced in Lagos.
Though in every 12, there must be Judas. Those Judas castigating me get their strength from Ebonyi people.
With this, outsiders see us as Ndi Hausa and I usually tell people that I am not worried about that because Hausa people have been ruling us since Independence. I even like us to answer that name they call us and be united like them.
The crime in a state in America, sometime is more than the crime in the whole of Nigeria, yet they protect themselves. To save one life, they can go from United States to Africa and beyond.
How do we kill a living soul that we cannot eat the meat? Can someone kill animal he cannot eat?
Why can’t we Ebonyi people have a rethink about betrayal especially as we are trying to grow?
If you count all the billionaires in Ebonyi State, it is not up to the billionaires you get in two local government councils in Anambra State.
So, what is our problem?
Does it mean we are not happy with God who created us with good leadership abilities, patient, respect and humility?
All these qualities are the instrument of success.
Are we the only people that are frustrated by the problems of the world?
Please, Ebonyi people, let us come home. Our tradition is undiluted . We have so many unpardonable offences from our land that sooner or later if committed, the consequences must locate the offender.
These offences include killing, blackmailing, poisoning, robbery.
These are serious offences that one cannot escape from the consequences irrespective of position in life either soon or later.
Let us not be an instrument of destroying ourselves.
Leadership is by birth and this is the word of a leader.
I am also pleading with Professor Obiozor, President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide to look into Ebonyi crises as the leader of Ndigbo.
Professor, you are above every other leader in Igbo land. We know you as a leader that is above bribery and corruption and also a leader who is above intimidation.
Sometimes, we know that the fault comes from followers especially some of them are used as an instrument of blackmailing. They also stand as devil network mast which is faster than GSM network.
This increasing problem comes

through the foundation of some leaders who also were living devilish life before acquiring power.
Even in Ohanaeze Lagos, the people they use to blackmail the leadership are those without two addresses. A man must have two addresses namely where you live and where you work.
Even with little money, they can make voice note against themselves that they are hired killers just to survive for that day.
They also use same channel to drop names of leaders they drink and win with all the time. They tell people they can connect anyone who desires to talk to any leader.
When apprehended, the leaders will deny them because they are worthless.
Please Professor, come to our rescue in Ebonyi State.
Things are getting out of hand.
God will liberate us in no distant time and love will return.
Long live Ebonyi people and Nigeria at large.

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