Top Fabric Merchant, Princess Bunmi Jegede Recounts God’s Blessings at 64

For Princess Bunmi Jegede, head honcho of Honey Bee Fabrics, her astronomic rise in business is not only linked to the tutoring and mentoring from her grandmother but by resilience, hard work, doggedness and fervent prayer. She was able to break through in the much-saturated fabric business starting from the popular Alade Market in Ikeja, Lagos before moving to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in 2009 where she is now a household name rocking the community with an expensive showroom filled with the latest Swiss costly fabrics to the delight of all within the Abuja Metropolis.

Those close to her averred that; One thing that stands her out is her ability to stay true with quality laced with sincerity. “Princess is known for quality fabrics like Swizz Lace, Damask, Aso-Oke and general fabrics. She will never lie to make money. Why she enjoys so much patronage is basically her sincerity.” A source told CITYSPY.

All her life, she has embraced the spirit of a serial entrepreneur who is hellbent on making headway in business. For her love for education; in the search for more knowledge, she enrolled in the university where she bagged a degree in Sociology. Despite the rough turbulence tsunami set out to consume her, she was able to navigate through the murky waters to remain afloat in highflying performance in business. Today, she is currently reaping bountifully what she has labored for in tears. One thing that remains a reoccurring decimal in her life is her constant acknowledgment of the gift of life and grace from her creator. As she saunters into age 64, she has always given credit to the supreme being for preserving her through hard times. More reason she is celebrating her birthday in a different dimension with a big celebration laced with offering philanthropic gestures to the needy to consolidate her birthday plans. Princess Jegede is leaving no stone unrolled as she also used the occasion of her birthday to hosted her few friends and family to a private soiree where everyone was feted to the very best of high cost meals and drinks.

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