The Spirit of Africa, Dr. Mike Adenuga’s Giant Stride  

Its a known fact that; Dr. Mike Agbolade Adenuga Jnr. is an embodiment of business acumen who wears entrepreneurial strength like a badge of honour on his chest. Yes, he is an institution when it comes to business success with a reoccurring name in citations of project thesis for students who are planning to earn a degree in a business-related discipline. Like the Wrought-iron Lattice Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Globacom Boss is still standing tall regardless of all turbulent tides directed to sink him.  


The Bull as he is fondly called is not just your regular businessman who is enmeshed in frivolities. More reason he earns the moniker; ‘the Spirit of Africa’ who is hardly seen but felt with an impact of a wavering tsunami shaking the whole country to its bottom. Apart from his love for jazz music, one thing he loves doing is putting smiles on people’s faces. In Nigeria today, he is regarded as one of the biggest Philanthropists of all time. He gives like it’s going out of fashion. He has been grateful to his creator that the business empire he created years ago with tears and sweat, is yielding good results. With a net worth of over 6.7 Billion Dollars, sitting comfortably on the 6th  spot richest man in Africa, according to Forbes, Adenuga still works round the clock to remain miles ahead of his competitors making sure the whole country is covered with the latest technological advancement in Telecommunication.


In a bid for a total takeover of the market share in telecom’s, the highly cerebral global investor and his team have entered a partnership with Israeli Network Equipment Supplier Ceragon Network to provide a synergy that will further improve the Globacom Network to rural areas and also increase broadband access to the latest 5G network. According to sources; Globacom Limited is confident that its network will be ready for 5G, with a 10-gigabyte-per-second (Gbps) network capacity over the air, with the ability to upgrade to 20 Gbps, if necessary. “This capacity will strengthen the network of rural areas over long distances, high-capacity metropolitan networks as well as the access network. The network infrastructure extension aligns with Glo’s strategic expansion plans to build Africa’s biggest and best telecommunications network and provide quality telecom services to its customers.”

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