Delectable Amazon Bose Olubo celebrates birthday in style

To God be the Glory, it’s another birthday of the Amazon, Dr Bose Olubo Adegeye.

And in our usual custom, there will be visitations to orphanage homes on the 17th, 18th and 19th of February,

This year, 2022, she prefers a quiet celebration with her family, friends and members of Amazon Foundation.

She is grateful to God. for a blessed year, good health, progress and lots of laughter.

“I will continue to thank Olodumare”, says Bose Olubo. “He has been my defence and maker all these years”.

This year’s celebration is a reflection of God’s kindness and love for humanity.

She rounded up another visitation of another home after prayer and thanksgiving session were made and a photoshoot.

Full of joy and zest, Bose said, “I feel good tarararararan ,(laughter). Actually I feel 25 (years)! that is the truth, I feel wholly 25. I wish to appreciate God almighty for keeping me alive and making my life meaningful despite some challenges that I overcame. I am a winner.

I also wish to appreciate my husband, KIng Sunny Ade for his support, for his encouragement and his blessings for all the things I do. He gave me time to be able to go back to school despite my busy schedule.

Year 2021 has been a wonderful year.
I want to thank my family: my mum, my sister and brothers, my in-laws and my children. I want to specially thank my children. You know I have a lot of them (laughter). I want to thank my biological children, my adopted children for all their support, their encouragement and prayers for mummy.

I also want to appreciate the Amazon Foundation – Ehhh Igi lehin ogba (pillar of support) from the President, my Secretraries, my Treasures and All EXCOs and my great members, not forgetting my team in Amazon Bee Communications.

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